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The Ironmen of Leamington

9780956277367I was joint author of this book with Martin Green who is the chairman of the Warwickshire Industrial Archaeology Society (WIAS). The book was a joint venture by WIAS and the Leamington History Group (LHG), of which I am a committee member.

The “Ironmen” of the title were the Iron-founders and Allied Traders in Royal Leamington Spa from 1800 to 1900. There were more Ironmen than you might suspect and the range and quantity sold of their iron products was surprising to us authors.

This book has 202 pages, is illustrated throughout, often in colour.
The cover price is £18.
It was published under the name of Shay Books which I manage.

It can be ordered from the Secretary of LHG at



Royal Leamington Spa Colouring Book Number 2

A Cover for LHG webThis book is simply a selection of 24 of my drawings of buildings of Leamington as they exist, or used to exist.

It is not by coincidence that there are articles about all of them in the recently published book,  “Royal Leamington Spa: A History in 100 Buildings”

The drawings are intended to be an image that you may wish to frame and display, or to colour in using a medium of your choice.

ISBN: 9780956277350

The cover price is £5 and a single copy of the book may be ordered for delivery by post at £6.50.

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Royal Leamington Spa: A History in 100 Buildings

9780956277343This book aims to tell stories not just about the 100 buildings themselves but about the people who built them and those who lived and worked there. It tells a wide story of the town and includes humble homes as well as homes of the well-to-do, workplaces and public buildings.

It was written primarily by five members of the Leamington History Group with some articles also written by another eight people.

Another book of 24 drawings of the buildings is available as “Royal Leamington Spa Colouring Book Number 2”.

The 100 Buildings  book has 288 pages and 210 illustrations, including about 40 in colour. There are five maps and an index of people and places.

The book is edited by Mick Jeffs, and is published by Shay Books for the Leamington History Group.

ISBN: 9780956277343

The cover price is £20 and a single book may be ordered here for delivery by post at £23.00.

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The Leamington Spa Colouring Book

This new book was published on 14th November 2016.

There are 24 monochrome drawings of Leamington Spa for colouring in. Pencils, crayons, oil pastels, watercolour or other medium of choice can be used. Each picture has a blank page on the back.

The images are H 22cm x W 19cm.

Most of them have been drawn on the spot by Mick Jeffs but a couple have been based on historic images.

The book should be available from booksellers quoting ISBN 9780956277336.

The publisher announces that this book is Out of Print (12 June 2018)

The Pictures include –
(please note that some dates  listed are speculative)
St Pauls Church, 1874
Clarendon Place, 1837
General Station (GWR), 1852
Warwick Street, from 1826
Bath Assembly Hall, 1926
Beauchamp Avenue, c 1886
Justice Centre, 2010
Clarendon Street, from 1828
Manor House Hotel, 1873
Lansdowne Circus, 1836
Holy Trinity Church, 1847
Ben Satchwell’s Cottage, c 1700
Town Hall, 1884
Upper Holly Walk, c 1836
Royal Pump Rooms, 1818
Lantern Corner, various dates
Parthenon, 1818
Hitchman Fountain, 1869
Lillington Manor, c 1700
Church Street, c 1700
Binswood Hall, 1848
Church Terrace, 1855
All Saints Church, tower 1902
The Bridges, 1852

BOOKS by Michael Jeffs

Information about the books can be accessed here –

The Ironmen of Leamington

This book was published in April 2019 and tells the stories of Iron-founders and Allied Traders in Leamington from 1800 to 1900.

It has 202 pages and is illustrated throughout, often in colour.
Available.  Cover Price £18.
It was published under the name of Shay Books which I manage.

It can be ordered from the Secretary of LHG at


A Cover for LHG webThe Leamington Spa Colouring Book, Number 2

This book was published on 1st November 2018 and comprises 24 drawings I have made of buildings of Leamington Spa. Not purely by coincidence, all the buildings are included in Royal Leamington Spa: A History in 100 Buildings
Available.  Cover Price £5



9780956277343Royal Leamington Spa: A History in 100 Buildings

This book was published on 22nd September 2018. As the title suggests in deals with the stories of 100 buildings which exist, or did exist, in the town, I contributed a fair proportion of the articles and edited the book.

Available.  Cover Price £20




9780956277336The Leamington Spa Colouring Book

This book was published on 14th November 2016. It has 24 drawings of Leamington Spa for you and your friends or family to colour in.
OUT OF PRINT. No plans to reprint. See RLS Colouring Book Number 2 above



CoverFrontWarwick: Exploring with a Sketchbook

This is a 112 page book published in April 2014 in the style of a graphic novel which relates much of the history of Warwick on four walks around the town.
Available.  Cover Price £10



FrontCover Apr 2014Royal Leamington Spa: Exploring with a Sketchbook

A book of my drawings arranged in seven walks which describes the history of the town.
Published in 2011, Price £12.50
OUT OF PRINT. No plans to reprint




CoverScan July2014 WPA History of the Trading Standards Institute

This is the story of what is now the Chartered Trading Standards Institute over 130 years written by myself and Jim Humble and is published by the College of Fellows of the Institute. Published 2014. Price £12
To purchase this book please contact:
College of Fellows, CTSI, Sylvan Court, Basildon, SS15 6TH,



Cover FinalThe Myton Hospices: The First 35 Years

This 56 page book is the story of the Myton Hospices in Warwick, Coventry and Rugby and other services.
Published 2017.
Copies are free from The Myton Hospices, Myton Lane, Warwick, CV34 6PX
Phone 01926 492518. However a Donation around £5.00 will be gratefully received.


Cover WordPress April 2014Warwickshire Landscapes: The Story So Far

OUT OF PRINT, No plans to reprint

This Book is now available as an e-book for £6.00, Please
Click on the title above.

The story of the surface of Warwickshire from its geological formation to present times.
Published 2009


Mick Jeffs, Shay Books

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