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Royal Leamington Spa Colouring Book Number 2

A Cover for LHG webThis book is simply a selection of 24 of my drawings of buildings of Leamington as they exist, or used to exist.

It is not by coincidence that there are articles about all of them in the recently published book,  “Royal Leamington Spa: A History in 100 Buildings”

The drawings are intended to be an image that you may wish to frame and display, or to colour in using a medium of your choice.

ISBN: 9780956277350

The cover price is £5 and a single copy of the book may be ordered for delivery by post at £6.50.

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Royal Leamington Spa: A History in 100 Buildings

9780956277343This book aims to tell stories not just about the 100 buildings themselves but about the people who built them and those who lived and worked there. It tells a wide story of the town and includes humble homes as well as homes of the well-to-do, workplaces and public buildings.

It was written primarily by five members of the Leamington History Group with some articles also written by another eight people.

Another book of 24 drawings of the buildings is available as “Royal Leamington Spa Colouring Book Number 2”.

The 100 Buildings  book has 288 pages and 210 illustrations, including about 40 in colour. There are five maps and an index of people and places.

The book is edited by Mick Jeffs, and is published by Shay Books for the Leamington History Group.

ISBN: 9780956277343

The cover price is £20 and a single book may be ordered here for delivery by post at £23.00.

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