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The Leamington Spa Colouring Book

This new book was published on 14th November 2016.

There are 24 monochrome drawings of Leamington Spa for colouring in. Pencils, crayons, oil pastels, watercolour or other medium of choice can be used. Each picture has a blank page on the back.

The images are H 22cm x W 19cm.

Most of them have been drawn on the spot by Mick Jeffs but a couple have been based on historic images.

The book should be available from booksellers quoting ISBN 9780956277336.

The publisher announces that this book is Out of Print (12 June 2018)

The Pictures include –
(please note that some dates  listed are speculative)
St Pauls Church, 1874
Clarendon Place, 1837
General Station (GWR), 1852
Warwick Street, from 1826
Bath Assembly Hall, 1926
Beauchamp Avenue, c 1886
Justice Centre, 2010
Clarendon Street, from 1828
Manor House Hotel, 1873
Lansdowne Circus, 1836
Holy Trinity Church, 1847
Ben Satchwell’s Cottage, c 1700
Town Hall, 1884
Upper Holly Walk, c 1836
Royal Pump Rooms, 1818
Lantern Corner, various dates
Parthenon, 1818
Hitchman Fountain, 1869
Lillington Manor, c 1700
Church Street, c 1700
Binswood Hall, 1848
Church Terrace, 1855
All Saints Church, tower 1902
The Bridges, 1852