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WARWICK: Exploring with a Sketchbook

CoverFrontThis is the cover for my new book. It was published and received from the printer on 8th April 2014. I publish under my own business name of Shay Books.

In this book the story of Warwick is told by men who have the same Christian name – most of whom were connected with the town.

The story unfolds on four walks with many (about 400) pictures in the style of a graphic novel (a posh kind of comic book). The pictures in the book are monochrome as in the example page below.

It is a 112 page paperback, size Royal, 23.4 x 15.6 cm

ISBN: 9780956277329

It is available from retailers at £10.00 or from the publisher for £11.50 including delivery. You may buy one copy and pay by card using this button –

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An example, page 11
An example, page 11, click on images for larger versions

Latest News:- Keith Smith at Warwick Books arranged a successful launch event on 21st May where I spoke about the book.

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Mick Jeffs, Shay Books