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OUT OF PRINT 2016, no plan to reprint

I published this book in 2009. It grew from voluntary work I had been doing (and still do) with the Campaign to Protect Rural England since I retired. I had realised that I was spending a lot of my time protecting the countryside as it was at present although it had changed it some way every year and by an enormous amount in some decades, centuries and millennia.

I decided to tell the story of the appearance of the landscape of the county through time starting with the surprisingly diverse geology and ending with the present day when the planning system creaks as it tries to meet the needs of the community whilst keeping a leash on the developers and speculators.

The book has 224 pages including an index amd is illustrated with many coloured photographs and maps. It is Royal size; 156 mm wide x 234 mm.

My other two books are still available –

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